Frequently asked questions

What is Asset and why do I have to connect my Apple Music account?

Asset is your gateway to profound Apple Music stats and insights. By connecting with Apple Music, you dive deep into your music on Apple and unlock a personalized music profile. It's all about understanding
your unique music vibe on the best music app!

I am an Apple Music user but can't find Music Stats by Asset app on the Google Playstore.

Asset is currently harmonizing with iPhones and iPads, offering exclusive Apple Music analysis. Android users, we'll be hitting your notes soon even with the Spotify app!

Will Asset support other music platforms in the future, or is it exclusively for Apple Music users?

Absolutely! While our current integration is with Apple Music, we're actively exploring collaborations with other music platforms. For now, Asset is finely tuned for Apple Music users, providing in-depth music insights. However, we're expanding our playlist, so other music enthusiasts, including Spotify music lovers, stay tuned!

How can one earn the badges and how can I learn more about them?

Music badges are your trophies in the world of tunes on our music app! As you explore and resonate with different genres and artists, you'll earn badges that celebrate your music milestones. Check out the
'Badges' section in the app to learn more about trending music and more.

I've found a bug in the app, where and how can I report it?

Introducing our 'Shake To Report' feature! Simply shake your phone while using the app to report any bugs, and we'll swiftly address them. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at, and we'll promptly tackle any issues you encounter.

Why is the app not tracking my listening behavior accurately?

Asset, is designed to capture your music listening habits in real-time. Ensure your Apple Music login connection is in sync. If there's a hiccup, our support team is here to help.

Will I be charged a fee/subscription for any features in this app?

Asset provides a range of features for free, including premium music recommendations and insights. We believe in keeping things transparent, and rest assured, our commitment to offering these premium
features for free will always be crystal clear.

How does Asset make money?

Asset strikes a chord with premium subscriptions, partnerships, and some ads, ensuring you always have the best music recommendations and insights.

Can I use this app in non-English speaking regions?

Music knows no boundaries, and neither does Asset! Today, while our music vibe is in English, we're tuning up for more languages. If you want to contribute in bringing Asset to your community in their
language, please write to us at

I use a family account on Apple Music, will the app combine all listeners' data to share insights?

Asset celebrates your individual music profile. Even with a family account, we focus on your unique music listening habits. Today it wasToday

How is Asset calculating my scores/music vibe?

Asset uses a blend of data magic and musical passion to calculate your scores, giving you a personalized music vibe that resonates with your tastes.

Will Asset introduce features beyond music insights, like concert recommendations,
artist interactions, or merch?

Absolutely! While Asset currently delves deep into music insights, our vision encompasses a holistic music experience. From concert recommendations and exclusive artist interactions to curated merch,
we're on a mission to amplify every facet of your musical journey. Stay tuned for what's coming next!

Can I transfer my badge to another profile?

Music badges are personal, celebrating your unique music milestones. They're tied to your rhythm and can't be transferred. Today it was

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