Choose a plan that works for you and streamline your NFT portfolio management.



NFT Explorer

We enable the ideal way to manage your NFTs.

What’s included
  • Portfolio Management
  • Real-time price alerts
  • Multi wallet support
  • Social Login
  • Wallet Login
  • In-built non-custodial wallet
  • Analytics of Individual Collections
  • Daily Portfolio Reports
  • NFT Ranking
  • Personalized NFT recommendations
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Choose a plan that works for you and streamline your NFT portfolio management.

What is Asset Money?

Asset Money is the most flexible platform for NFT professionals and enthusiasts who need real-time data and analytics to Track Wallet, Analyze and Discover NFTs.

Who is Asset Money for?

Asset Money is for both Degens/Collectooors & folks new to Crypto & NFTs.We're building the smoothest onboarding experience to NFTs without the jargon and friction of managing multiple complex end-points.

What are the Portfolio, Showcase and Watson?

Asset Money as a platform has a suite of products to ease NFT Discovery & Portfolio Management. Here is what some of these products do to save you from the doing all the heavy lifting yourself:

  1. Portfolio Tracker: Track your portfolio: the number of NFTs you own, total investment plus ROI, and total portfolio value based on your collections' floor price and estimated price.
  2. Showcase: We are the first platform to fetch NFTs across multiple chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Tezos and showcase them on a single link.
  3. Watson: A smart assistant for your NFT portfolio that watches over and sends you time, price, and percentage change alert for your portfolio to your email and telegram.
Which chains do you support?

Asset Money indexes every Ethereum NFT, with support for more chains and L2s on the way.

Our algorithm indexes 12+ variables (with context), enabling us to analyze NFTs listed on L1s and L2s and help users manage their digital assets.

We're currently live on Ethereum Mainnet and will very soon add support for L2s like Polygon and other L1s, including but not limited to Solana, Tezos & Avalance.

What's on my showcase and how do I edit it?

Your profile is a feed of all NFT activity generated by your wallet.Every address on Web3 already has a profile on Asset Money, which can be claimed by connecting the associated wallet.

You can also change your username in Settings.

How can Asset Money help me in my NFT journey?

Our goal at Asset Money is to build the most flexible platform for people to interact with NFTs. With real-time data and powerful analytics, you can only find & discover projects based on themes, artists and on-chain stats and realize gains on them at the right price and time.

Is Asset Money safe to use?

Yes, Asset Money is entirely safe and secure.

We do not ask for read-&-write access to your non-custodial wallets and thus cannot transact on your behalf.

The read-only access helps us analyze your wallet, index your collectables, and give out individual and cumulative portfolio reports.

How much does it cost to use Asset Money?

We've two plans. The free tier is for folks with limited to no experience with NFTs and having a considerably small portfolio.The pro-plan is ideal for degens & collectooors with extensive portfolios looking to get detailed insights on the same and get time-sensitive alerts to make the best of their flips.