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Watson watches over your wallet and sends you time, price, and percentage change alerts for your portfolio to your email & telegram.

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Discover, invest and manage all your NFTs at one

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With Watson, you can

Receive Daily Portfolio Updates

Watson tracks your portfolio and sends you daily updates via Email & Telegram.

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Set-up Floor Price Alerts

With alerts, you can never miss an opportunity to buy/sell an NFT. (Static and % based alerts)

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Set-up Bulk Price Alerts

Own more than 1,000 NFTs? We've got you covered, set-up floor alerts for all your collections in bulk.

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Receive Daily Portfolio 

Watson tracks your portfolio and sends you daily updates via Email & Telegram.

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Set-up Floor Price Alerts

Instant contextual Alerts ensure you never miss a buy or sell opportunity

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Set-up Wallet Alerts

Set up alerts automatically for all NFTs in your wallet with a single click! Own 100+ NFTs? No problem!

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Love from our

“Where are the crypto products with actually good UI?”Check out @AssetMoneyHQ, Track ur NFTs across chains, estimate their values, file taxes etc on one platform.

Akshay BD

int'l expansion @solanafndn

I was trying out the notifications, it works! Very useful.

John |

Senior Legal Counsel & expert

Another unexplored territory is using NFT as membership passes for the web3 products


CTO @noctolabs (Smart Homes)

This is a fantastic web3 product. Innovating on wallets is just brilliant.


Lead, Web3 + Joint Innovation Centre @awscloud

Was lucky to test it out early!

Slick UI and seamless experience. Cannot wait for the upcoming features.


Music, startups, web3.

Using the product from the last couple of days, amazing work


2X VC-backed founder